Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Taking Turns

Mrs Calder is helping us to make a prototype Wirly-Gig. We might sells these on Market Day for PrEP. We wanted to to know which material would work best so that they would spin quickly. We tried paper but it wasn't strong enough. We found out that card board worked best.

We have been practicing saying what we are trying to do when we play with each other. Sometimes we have to be really patient before we can have a turn with the equipment.

Wow it was busy in the shop today. The teachers were very hungry and luckily there were many chefs sharing their creations.

Sometimes it can be tricky to put puzzles together. Luckily we had friends to share their ideas.

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Being involved in something new

Mikaylah - "we had fun playing together" Eden - "it was fun playing with something different".