Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Working Together

Sativa was rolling the ball to knock thing down. I was picking them up again - Sam.
Mrs Calder liked the new game that Sativa and Sam made up together.

We were making different garages - Corban
We coloured them in - Riley
Mrs Calder was impressed by how well Riley and Corban were working together. They were using great communication skills.

We were rolling the dinosaurs - Carlo
The frogs were the evil villains - Seth

We were solving the puzzle by reading the instructions - Kaylee

I was sharing the shop with Sophia. We were making burgers - Sofia

We were playing the matching game. I got one match - Sanaa

It can be hard playing with lots of people. We can get mixed up - Millie
Mrs Calder thought the children were all very patient in waiting their turn as this can be hard to do, especially when there are so many players.

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