Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Tuesday 7th August

Millie -We are playing with the shop and feeding Coby donuts!

Zahi - I am building a fight robot, but I still have to put somme wrenches (spanners) on the back.

Moustafa - I am trying to make a big car but I have lots to do.

 Deziah - I am trying to fit a head band on Ali's head for the mask, but it wasn't big enough.

 Rikki - I am making a volcano in the sand for the dinosaurs. I am making them do front flips!

Cohen - I was pretending that the sand was burying all the dinosaurs.

Kaylee -  We are focussing on our painting and sharing the paints.

Craig - I am working on painting my picture.

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Taking an Interest

Taking an interest can mean coming back to an activity to try again.